Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hunting for Photos

I've been wanting to do a photo scavenger hunt with the family ever since I read about Joy Phenix's MLK Day scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt is spontaneous but has structure, gets us outside, fun, and free. Yep, I'm in!

I decided to keep our first hunt simple and incorporated things I knew they would love to do. So, armed with our list we headed out.

Spring Time Photo Scavenger Hunt
Take a photo of you:

By a tree that is blooming:
This tree is a huge tree that is blooming. You can't tell that in this pic so you're just going to have to trust me on that.
On a slide:

 Love the flair he added with his hands!

Hanging Upside down:

 She was pretty tickled by being upside down!

  Jumping off a low wall:

 Love the determined look on her face.
  Blowing bubbles:

  Coloring Easter eggs:

Last year I saw that my friend Jill had colored her Easter eggs outside which was just brilliant. I made a mental note and we too went outdoors this year. Coloring eggs was actually a pleasant experience this year since my kids didn't have my neurotic self making sure they didn't make a mess in my kitchen. That my friends is a win/win!
With Ice Cream:

Doing a crazy dance in a public place:
Luke refused to do the crazy dance but instead offered to take the picture. He's a giver in that way :)

It was a fun day and I'm looking forward to getting Luke and Maddie more involved next time with creating the list and taking the pictures. We'll definitely do this again!