Sunday, August 31, 2008


Which is how my house smells after using this fine cleaning product :) Fabuloso!! It is so fun to say and smells good. Yeah!! It's the little things that give my joy :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mr. Independent

I'm noticing a shift in Luke and how he is interacting with the world around him. He has always been pretty independent but he is becoming even more so. Here are few incidents that have caught my attention lately.
Luke has started to use his potty without me asking and without him telling me he needs to go to bathroom. Yeah!! He likes to be alone and have the door closed for privacy. He would also like to empty his potty into the toilet and flush it but this scares me for obvious reasons.

One night he took his pull-up off, placed it on top of his changing table and tried to put on a new one. At first, I was baffled by this activity. However, I quickly learned he had done number 2 in the removed pull-up. I was proud, yet, horrified all at the same time.

After he finished coloring, he tried to drag the kitchen chair over to the cabinet to put away his coloring book and crayons.

And this morning, he got my keys, went to the garage, opened the garage door, went out to the Taurus and tried to unlock it. I'm pretty sure his intent was to drive the car since he often gets upset with us because we won't let him drive. We are mean and horrible parents who will be making sure to put up the safety gate each morning ;)

Having Maddie highlights what a big boy Luke is now and how much he has developed over the past three years. I can hardly remember the time when Luke just laid on the floor and kicked around on a blanket. He is a funny little boy and I love him a ton!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Living life at the speed of light

Life has been a whirlwind since I returned to work. Here is brief summary of what happened in the last 30 days...

  • Turned 2 months old
  • Stats: 23 inches long and weighed 11 pounds and 7 oz
  • Started sleeping through the night with a fussy period around 3 am
  • First ER visit
  • Now enjoys "talking" and "playing" with her toys


  • Promoted out of the toddler room and is hanging with the "big" kids
  • Obsessed with Star Wars and Darth Vader but still loves Batman
  • The consequence of no TV now "inspires" obedience ;)
  • Realized that saying, "I love you, Mommy" will melt her heart and turn away wrath
  • Turned 3 years-old on August 21st

  • Memorizing and meditating on scripture while stuck in traffic has replaced the regularly scheduled quiet time
  • Tried once to cultivate a love for running
  • Watched our small group apprentices start leading their own group
  • 5 volunteer trainings + 2 GroupLink events = 824 adults connected into community
  • Basically, I'm loving God, my family and my ministry but wishing for more sleep :)