Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Princess turns 4!

This sweetness turns four today! 

With great fondness we retire the number three. Yahoo! Three came in like a lion as Maddie, with her VERY strong will, asserted her independence and expressed her frustrations with an intensity that about blew my hair back. While she still has a strong will and is extremely independent, her communication skills have developed and she can express herself so much better. Maddie is one direct girl! This mad-skill has helped her become calmer and the temper-tantrums have become less intense (most of the time.) Maddie is also super sweet with her servant's heart and loves her family so much. Lately, I've been getting to see her creative side. Her drawings can be very good for her age and where you might she a box...she sees anything but a box. This little girl owns my heart and I'm so grateful to be her mommy! 

Here are the pics of her family birthday celebration:

A princess card that plays music? Yes, please!
Opening presents. So fun!
Waiting for her birthday cake.
She wanted a Belle cake this year.
She tried to blow them out all at once but it ended up being one at a time.

Maddie was over the paparazzi at this point but I still think she is super cute even with that forced smile!

Happy birthday, Maddie. Even though you announced today that you're no longer a baby (and therefore shouldn't be rocked while being hugged), you'll always be my sweet baby girl and I love you very much!!