Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pea is Alive!

Maddie's favorite CD (or DBD as she calls it) is North Point Live: Awake. She would listen to this CD 24/7. And I'm not exaggerating. Of course, as a parent my heart swells up when Maddie is belting out worship songs. It helps me feel like I'm doing my "job" as a parent and influencing her to grow in her love for and knowledge of Christ.

Her favorite song is God is Alive. She loves to the sing the following line:

He is alive, He is alive. And we are free!

However, she has done a slight modification to the words:

Pea is alive, Pea is alive. And we are afraid.

Yeah, I'm rocking it out as a parent!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Angry Eyes

On the way to the beach in July, the kiddos watched Toy Story 2. Dan and I laughed at the scene where Mrs. Potato Head packs Mr. Potato Head's "angry eyes" just in case he needed them.

She may be wearing sunglasses but I'm pretty sure she is also wearing her angry eyes.
Next time we need to pack her "happy eyes"!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday

Six years ago today, I learned what it meant to have my heart walk around on the outside of me. This very active, extremely verbal, creative, empathetic, highly emotional, always thinking, and funny little boy changed my life. I feel so blessed that God decided that I should be this boy's mommy. He is such a source of joy in my life and I'm so grateful for this little man.

Happy 6th birthday, Luke! Your mommy loves you very much!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Celebrating the Boy!

Luke turns 6 tomorrow. How crazy is that?

The theme for this family party was Iron Man. Power up!

It's a well documented fact that I'm all about the birthday cake. I decided to make Luke's cake this year instead of doing a bakery cake. (It's a long story and I won't bore you with the details.) So, I did a little research and give it my best try.

I realize Ace of Cakes won't be calling me anytime soon but I thought it wasn't a bad first attempt. (BTW, all my research indicated writing on a cake is the hardest thing to do. I'm here to confirm that statement is true!)

He blew out all six candles in one breath.
He was pretty satisfied with himself!

Such a fun kid!

Love this little dude!

Monday, August 8, 2011


Today was the first day of kindergarten and of course Luke rocked this big transition as he usually does. A little bit nervous but not anxious. A tad excited but acting pretty nonchalant about the whole thing. Such a little dude!

I tried to get some pictures of him but this was pretty hard to do. It was dark in our house because it was so early and using the flash with Luke gives you icky pics. So, here is the best shoot of him:

Luke navigated carpool like a pro and jumped out and went right into school. I don't think he even looked back (sniff, sniff). It really is strange to watch your baby become responsible for himself. To watch him grab his book bag, lunch box, and head off into school. The child who seems incapable of completing a simple task without numerous reminders is now going off into the world. It really is surreal. (Side note: I hadn't prepped Maddie for the strange woman who would help Luke out of the car and sweep him away. She freaked out. Not good!!)

Maddie and I then parked the car and brought Luke's supplies to his classroom. He was already in his seat and coloring when we arrived. We dropped off his supplies and Maddie got to tell Luke a proper good-bye, which made her very happy. There was a little girl at Luke's table who was really upset about her mom leaving. Crying and screaming...the whole bit. Luke looked a tad concerned and before he could get upset, Maddie and I quickly left the room. When we got to the hallway Maddie said, "She freakin me out!" Funny, I was feeling the same way.

At the end of the day, Maddie and I picked up Luke and then we went to Dairy Queen to celebrate the first day of school. I made him tell me all the details about his day. I wanted the play-by-play but I think I only got the highlight reel (why must boys frustrate their mommies with a lack of detail?). I asked if he had any "friend prospects" and he said he had one. That dude is so friendly I'm sure they'll be best buds soon :)

As for me, how am I doing now that my firstborn is in Kindergarten? I haven't had time to process. There has been no time to stop, get lost in my thoughts, and really evaluate what I'm feeling. The day has been packed with getting kiddos out the door, carpool, Maddie telling me she had to go pee while we were driving on the highway, back-to-back meetings at work, carpool, ice cream, pool time, dinner, baths, and now blogging to document this milestone. It has been a full, full day.

I think God may have planned it this way. He knows how I'm wired and I think he was being very gracious to me by keeping me busy today...

My baby is growing up...sniff, sniff...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Excited and a Little Nervous

There are only three more morning commutes to Buchkead Church left with Luke.
The six years have flown by.
I asked Luke if he was excited about going to kindergarten.
He said he was excited and a little nervous.
Yeah, me too!