Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

The kiddos love Halloween. In fact, Luke claimed Halloween was his favorite day of the year. I'm going to go out on a limb and say he really didn't think that statement through... But I digress.

Celebrating Halloween was interesting this year. This was Luke's first experience of not dressing up in his costume for school. Luke was trying hard to not freak out as Maddie was getting her costume on this morning. I must admit it seemed strange even to me. After I dropped Luke off in the carpool lane, I parked and went into the school office to double check. Sure enough, no costumes in kindergarten. So sad!

Maddie left the house ready to participate in the Weekday Costume Parade and then tragedy hit. Long story short - Maddie had an accident in the car and couldn't wear her costume in the parade. Yeah, she was crushed. Poor girl!

But the Mancini Family rallied and headed out after dinner to partake in trick-or-treating!

Rapunzel and Darth Vader - a very scary combo!

She is one cute little girl!

He is getting so big!

They got a bit of a workout running up and down driveways and navigating stairs. I swear they both fell asleep not more then five minutes after their head hit their pillows. They were TIRED! Maybe Halloween is my favorite day of the year too. Hum...