Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Best Gift

I loved all the gifts that I received today as we celebrated Mother's Day; however, one touched my heart more because of the season God has me in at the moment. See, he has reminded me (once again) that this season with Luke and Maddie is short. VERY SHORT. In one year, Luke will be at the halfway point of his time with us. Soon, he'll want to be with his friends more than his mom, there will be the demands of school work, he'll get a part-time job, and then he'll be preparing to leave our home. I will not get this season back.

So all the good things that call to me - the lives I want to invest in, the opportunities to lead, and things that just sound like fun...I have to put them on hold. Lord willing, there will be time for those things once Luke and Maddie are older. Now is the time to invest, and lead, and do fun things with Luke and Maddie while they still think I'm the greatest and smartest person they know. This season will end and it will go by with a unfathomable speed.

So, I've pulled back from all of my outside commitments except for my work. Opportunities continue to knock on my door and I have to stay vigilant in saying, "Not now." It's so hard for me but I know that's what I need to do in this season.

And today, Luke gave me this card:

Happy Mother's Day
I love you because you take care of me.
I like to read with my mommy.
I like when you hug and kiss me.
You are very special to me!

Wow! He notices the things I do for him. He still likes for me to hug and kiss him. I'm very special to him. Not only did it melt my heart but it confirmed I've made the right decision in slowing down.

So to all of those good opportunities I must say, "Not now." This season is short. I will not come around this way again. I'm doing the best thing I can do right now.