Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

It's been quiet on the blog lately but I didn't want to leave 2011 without posting about Christmas. Just doesn't seem right :)

We had a low-key Christmas Eve (just the four of us at home) which was nice. Despite the relaxing evening, we forgot to put the "reindeer food" on the lawn and leave cookies for Santa. I'm not sure how that happened. Maybe we got a little too relaxed :)

I'm never sure what Christmas Eve/Christmas morning will hold for us. Will the kids have a hard time falling asleep? How early will they be up? Will we be able to eat breakfast before we open gifts or will the kiddos head right for the tree?

This year, Luke and Maddie fell asleep right away. I heard Luke tell Maddie that Santa wouldn't come until they were fast asleep and sleep they did! They woke up at 6:13 am and it was down stairs to open their stockings and have breakfast. (I still can't believe I get away with having breakfast before we open gifts. I would've freaked as a kid!!)

Luke and Maddie opening their gift from Santa.

Luke studying his Lego Harry Potter video game. He LOVES playing video games!!

Maddie has always enjoyed a good chair and this Rapunzel
chair has been at the top of her Christmas list this year.

After everyone had a chance to play with their toys and get dressed for the day, it was off to the Mancini's for Christmas morning part two. So fun!!

Maddie hanging with Aunt Kate

Three - yes three - Harry Potter movies. Oh, my!

(Dan, Luke, Anna, Kate, me, Cristee, Nick, and Maddie)

The family getting ready to chow down. Love these peeps! It was a great day celebrating the birth of Christ and hanging out with the family. We are incredibly blessed!!