Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kroger Meltdown

It was bound to happen. I'm surprised it took this long. In the five years I've been a parent, I've never experienced the full grocery store meltdown. Sure, we have some crying and fussiness but NEVER a full out temper tantrum. Until today...

As Maddie and I were walking into the grocery store, a woman stopped me to tell me my daughter was "just precious." Another woman called out to her friend to look at the cute little girl.

Doesn't she look SO sweet? She was happy and smiling as we ran into the grocery store.

It was smooth sailing through the produce section, deli counter, and organic aisle. Turns out she likes ham. Good to know! We were having a good time chatting about the different items and marking them off the list. So fun!

It all started going downhill as we were leaving the meat section. You see, I wouldn't give her my pen. I tried to appease her by offering to let her hold the grocery list or items we were purchasing but she wasn't having it. I, of course, was not going to give her the pen.

By the time we got to the milk aisle she was screaming at me. I tried to ignore her. Other grocery store shoppers tried to be helpful by talking to her and trying to distract her. Silly people! She then started screaming at them too. You can go here if you would like to get an idea of what it sounded like. You will only need to watch the first six seconds.

I tried to remain calm. This child's poor behavior was not a reflection on my parenting skills. Right? However, when she started to push me away from the cart and yelling, "NO, MOMMY!" I had had enough. I parked the cart, took her out of it, and carried her screaming out of the store. Oh, my! I strapped her into her car seat and she screamed some more. I called Dan to come get her. She continued to scream even after Dan arrived to take her home.

I went back into the store, got the cart, and finished shopping. (I only had three aisles left to go, ugh!!) I was rattled and shaken. Maddie had been well fed, not sick, and not due for a nap for two hours. Where did I go wrong? Then I remembered - I have a two-year old.

When I got home, she asked if I would play with her and her Little People. I took this opportunity to remind her that she hadn't been very nice to me in the grocery store and I really didn't feel like playing. She said she was sorry and kissed my hand. Shut-up!

She is lucky she is so dang cute!