Friday, February 12, 2010

Atlanta Blizzard 2010

My northern friends must think I've lost my mind. The pictures below won't come close to being a blizzard by "Chicago" standards. However, I've been in the ATL for 11 years now and we only see snow once every couple of years. So, a couple inches of snow is now a major event in the Mancini household. Here are pics of the kids in the snow...

Maddie all bundled up!

Luke is ready to go!!

Maddie was not a big fan of the snow...

She refused to walk in it.

Luke loves the snow!!

At times, he was just a blur!

He was a little obsessed with the branches on the ground. I watched him try to put it back up on the tree. He felt bad that it was on the ground and no longer up in the tree with his uncles. What, what? Can anyone say empathy and a creative mind? What an interesting combo!

He was bright red but so BUMMED when I made him come back into the house.

Snow days are rare around here. I guess that is way they are so special and fun!!